Protection of property

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Protection of property

Physical security is based on a constant or temporary presence of our employees in the protected object. They are responsible for ensuring the security of persons and property in the object. Our security officers are young and physically fit people with the appropriate qualifications for effective action. Uniforms and equipment of our employees is adjusted to the characteristics of the protected object. All employees are equipped with means of communication allowing for the exchange of information with the command center.

Experience and skills

In order to maintain the highest efficiency of our operations, we are:

  • In order to maintain the highest efficiency of our operations, we are:
  • coordinating protective measures and ensuring an opportunity to support security personnel in appropriate situations by intervention groups
  • continuously improving the working methods and procedures on the basis of experience gained while fulfilling numerous contracts
  • maintaining of the internal system of supervision and control over employees who are carrying out protective tasks
  • organizing the protection properly, on the basis of a protection plan

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