Ochrona osób kielce

Protection of people

Our task of personal safety services to ensure the safety and physical integrity. This type of service is performed only by our verified employees with the most experience.

They provide our customers with both the security and discretion. All employees have specialized training and experience in providing this type of service and all the qualifications required by law. The have the necessary skills to drive in emergency situations, to perform situational shooting and hand to hand combat. They are characterized by the highest personal culture and are able to behave appropriately in every situation (not just threats). Constantly undergoing our company’s internal training, they maintain the highest level of physical fitness.

Complete security

We equip our employees with the communication equipment and firearms used by the special formations. Their equipment and clothing is strictly regulated by the terms of the contract. Every order is taken only after a detailed analysis of potential threats, and gathering full information concerning the given task. This allows us to specify the standards of performance and to adapt the intervention – operational procedures.

The effectiveness of the protection and the professional execution of such orders depends on close cooperation with our customers. We always ensure both the maximum comfort of the protected persons and peace and privacy. The experience of our employees and discretion of their actions ensures that our customers always feel safe without needless interference with their private lives.

What sets us apart?

Qualified staff

Years of experience

Immediate intervention

Modern technologies


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