Courses and training

The most profitable offer of professional courses and training! We invite you to acquaint yourself with the offer of the DAK 1 in Kielce.

We would like to leave our qualified staff of well trained teachers at your disposal. All members of our professional staff are characterized by responsibility, integrity and passion.

Both our lecturers, trainers and the company owner have been gaining knowledge and skills at the most prestigious universities. In addition, their qualifications were deepened during duty in the Polish Army’s landing troops, anti-terrorist groups, criminal sections and prevention squads of Police.

Our courses are conducted periodically, depending on the needs and interest of our customers. Having completed the course, our students have a thorough knowledge which enables them to enter the exams. This is the easiest and surest way to acquire the title of a qualified security officer or detective.

Our school’s headquarters in situated in Kielce. It appears in the register of training institutions under the number: EKS-I.4430.86.2014

DAK, based in Kielce, organizes the following courses:

  • Detective
  • Our courses are led by professionals with great experience. You will be able to successfully apply the knowledge you gain throughout the detective course in your future work.
  • Security officer
    We organize professional courses for security guards. Qualified staff effectively prepares candidates for taking the security officer exam.
  • Head of security (mass events)
  • Information services (mass events)
  • Self-defense and intervention techniques
  • Cleaning services (mass events)
  • Shooting training

NEW !!!

reparing candidates for the entrance exams in:

  • Fire Brigade
  • Military
  • Police

Preparatory course for the detective license exam
Our courses will equip you with necessary knowledge, preparing you for the detective license exam.

We work mainly in Kielce, but we also have branch offices in Wrocław and Tarnów.