About our company

DAK 1 is a company with sixteen years of experience in the field of security. It is based solely on the polish capital yet successfully competes with companies with foreign capital. Methodical approach to fulfilling the tasks that we face results in their progress developing in a safe and controlled manner.

We respect our customers. We cherish values, ​​such as honesty, responsibility, professionalism, partnership and full commitment.We would like to offer our potential customers:

  • broadly defined services of protection of people and property (including mass events and convoying)
  • detective services (searching, civil cases, etc.).
  • cleaning services (cleaning and snow removal)
  • training courses of various kind
  • work at heights (washing windows)

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the full range of DAK’s offer.

We are delighted to invite you to cooperation.

You will find all licenses and permits in the Documents tab.