Shooting training

Shooting training We would like to present offer of SHOOTING TRAINING.

The program is being conducted according to the act of polish law – “Rozporządzenie Ministra MSWiA z dnia 07.08.1998 r. Dz. U. nr 113 – nr 2 Instrukcja szkolenia strzeleckiego pracowników ochrony”. It is a decree of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which determines the rules of security officers’ shooting training organization and safety conditions.

Training is conducted at approved shooting ranges, in accordance with applicable regulations and safety rules. The instructors are highly qualified and they are constantly improving their skills.

Training consists of exercising the various steps and elements which determine the accuracy and effectiveness of fire:

  • drawing the weapon from its holster and reloading
  • aiming and pulling the trigger
  • taking the aim
  • shooting postures

During our training we mainly use following types of weapons:

  • handguns – Glock 19, 17, 941 Jericho, Sig Sauer 9 mm
  • smoothbore firearms – shotgun Mossberg 12 mm
  • submachine guns – Glauberyt PM 98

During practice we improve the techniques of using a weapon (assembling / disassembling of a firearm) techniques of fast drawing a weapon and tactics of intervention.

Classes are conducted both individually and in groups. Frequency and price of training depends on the needs and requirements of the client.